Employee Benefits

  1. At the Coachella Valley Water District, we offer the following exceptional benefits to all of our full-time employees:

    Medical Coverage for the employee and their family: Employee has the choice of a HSA, PPO or one of two HMO plans. Premiums are partially paid by the District.

    Dental Plan and Vision Plan: Both Dental and Vision coverage are provided for District employees and their dependents.  Premiums are partially paid by the District.

    Life Insurance at no cost: Life insurance is provided for the employee for 1 ½ times their annual salary with a minimum of $50,000 of coverage and a maximum of $350,000 in coverage. The employee’s spouse and child(ren) are also offered a policy of between $500 - $2000 in coverage free of charge.

    Public Employees Retirement System (PERS): The Coachella Valley Water District participates in the 2.5% @55 PERS Plan for those who meet the definition of Classic Members in PERS.  Classic members currently pay 8% towards PERS retirement on a pre-tax basis.  Effective January 1, 2013, new members to PERS participate in the 2% @62 program and new employees pay one half of the normal cost towards PERS retirement on a pre-tax basis.

    Social Security: The District participates in Social Security.

    Deferred Compensation: Three different deferred compensation plans are offered to District employees.

    Long Term Disability Insurance: Paid for by District employees.

    Holidays: 13 per year (8 set holidays, 40 hours floating holiday time)

    Vacation: 80 hours per year earned for the first five years of service, 120 hours per year earned for year six through year ten, 160 hours per year earned thereafter

    Alternative Work Week:  Employees in some departments have the option to work a 9/80 schedule where the employee works 9 hours a day and has every other Friday or Monday.  

    Sick Leave: District Employees accrue 96 hours of sick leave per year

    Safety Shoes and Uniforms: Both safety shoes and uniforms are provided by the District when required by the hazards of the job.

    Educational Reimbursement: District Employees are reimbursed up to $3,000 per fiscal year for approved courses. $6,000 per year is reimbursable for upper division courses in an approved degree program.

    Note: Benefits and deductions are subject to change or modification at any time without notice.

Board of Directors Benefits

  1. Below is an overview of Board of Director benefits:

    Board Directors receive up to $223 per meeting attended with a maximum of 10 meetings per month and one meeting per day.
    Form 806, Agency Reporting of Public Official Appointments

    Medical Coverage for Directors and their families: Directors have the choice of a PPO or two HMO plans. Premiums are partially paid by the District. If the Director chooses not to enroll in the medical coverage, they are eligible to receive reimbursement for medical expenses up to $450 per month when covered by a non-District plan.

    Directors who had served a minimum of 12 years, prior to January 2013, are eligible to receive Medicare Medigap insurance coverage for themselves and their spouses upon reaching Medicare eligibility. This benefit was eliminated in January 2013. No other Medical coverage is offered to Directors or their families upon leaving office, unless eligible for COBRA benefits.

    Dental Plan and Vision Plan: Both dental and vision coverage are provided for District Directors and their dependents. Premiums are partially paid by the District. No dental or vision benefits are offered after leaving office.

    Public Employees Retirement System (PERS): Directors of the Coachella Valley Water District do not participate in PERS.