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Student Activity Book Request Form

  1. Publications are only mailed to residents of the Coachella Valley.
  2. Select up to 5 copies of any publication. If you need more than 5 copies, please send us a comment with your request so we can contact you.
  3. Tommy & the canal children's activity book front cover
  4. Tommy and the Canal Book Spanish
  5. Tutor Tortoise Learns About Drought
  6. Tutor Tortoise’s guide to Saving Water
  7. Tutor Tortoise’s guide to Saving Water (Spanish)
  8. 2nd Grade Activity Book Cover
  9. The Desert and Cahuilla Indians Cover 3rd grade
  10. We Need Water Book Cover 4th Grade
  11. How Wastewater Treatment Works_Activity Book Cover
  12. 5th Grade Water Activity Book Cover
  13. Tutor Saves Water Kids Activity Book Cover
  14. Stormwater_Tips_final-Cover
  15. FOG Activity Book Cover
  16. 6_12_Groundwater Book
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