What are the charges to use this service?
Customers do not pay a fee to use this service. The system is free. While many utilities have contracts that permit the credit card processor to charge up to $3.95 per credit card transaction, CVWD will absorb the cost and has negotiated a far lower rate that will save our customers over $300,000 annually in credit card transaction fees.

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1. I currently use Click2Gov to access my CVWD account information. How will I switch to Paymentus?
2. When will this change take place?
3. What services will be provided by CVWD’s new online payment service?
4. I am currently on e-billing. Will I continue to receive e-bills?
5. What are the charges to use this service?
6. Will I still get the information that used to come with my paper bill?
7. Is my personal data secure?
8. Why is CVWD making this change?
9. How do I get additional information?