How were customers notified?
In addition to the public notices required under State Law, CVWD has used multiple media channels, including print, television and radio ads, to get the message out about drought penalties to our customers. Bill inserts were mailed to customers in June along with billing statements containing a message stating that drought penalties were coming July 1, 2015. A red message indicated what Drought Penalties would have been assessed in June had the penalties been in place. CVWD mailed every customer a brochure, mailed letters to various other customer classes, sent e-mails to customers, developed an envelope message, news releases, articles for HOAs, city and chamber newsletters, and attended public events.

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1. Under what authority can Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) impose drought penalties or fines?
2. Was a public meeting held?
3. How were customers notified?
4. Does the San Juan Capistrano court case make your tiered rates illegal?
5. My HOA and/or city prohibit me from allowing my lawn to brown or converting to desert landscaping. How can I be expected to conserve water?
6. Why does the district not comply with the requirements that apply to public utilities under the public utilities code?
7. I am an apartment owner and have no control over consumption at my rental units. How can I be expected to comply with the drought ordinance?
8. Under what authority can the district require that service be provided on the account of the landlord?
9. How do I request a hearing to appeal a water waste fine?