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Most Beautiful Yard Contest Application

  1. Thank you for your interest in our water conservation contest.

    Contest Information

    1. Only CVWD customers are eligible.

    2. Customers who have participated in CVWD's desert landscaping rebate programs are eligible.  However, participation is not mandatory for the contest.

    3. Applications will be judged on beauty, creativity and water efficiency.

    4. The intent of the contest is to recognize and celebrate beautiful water-friendly landscape.

    5. Contests will be held twice annually with winners selected in September and March.

    6. Applications are accepted year round.  Applications will be considered in the next available round of selection.

    7. Contest winners will be selected by a committee of CVWD staff.

    8. CVWD may use photos of yards for promotional purposes.

    9. CVWD may elect to photograph winners with consent of the homeowner.

    10. Contest is subject to change.

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  5. Please attach up to 5 before and up to 5 after photos for our review.
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