North Shore Water Main Replacement Project

CVWD will begin water main replacement work in the North Shore community in September 2023.

North Shore Water Main Replacement Map

Project Timeline

  • September 2023 through September 2024

Work Hours

  • 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Impact to customers

During construction, there will be minor traffic disruptions. CVWD’s contractor MNR Construction will post signs and alternate routes for your safety.

Look for postcards, notices, letters, or door hangers.   

Project benefits

  • Improving Efficiency: The new pipeline will streamline operations, allowing CVWD to serve you more efficiently.
  • Expanding Service: The new pipeline will provide more reliable water service to your home daily.  
  • Enhancing Roads: CVWD will pave and improve the affected portion of the roads after construction.

Additional Benefits

The replacement of the existing water mains with larger diameter ductile iron pipes will improve domestic water service, enhance fire protection for the community, and eliminate a hydraulic bottleneck to Reservoir 7101.

Project Overview

This project includes replacing approximately 2.6 miles of undersized and corroding water mains with new 24-inch and 12-inch diameter zinc-coated ductile iron pipes. The affected areas include Bay Drive, Vander Veer Road, 70th Avenue, a section of Lookout Drive, and a portion of Sea View Way. This project aims to enhance water service and reliability for the communities in the unincorporated North Shore of Riverside County.


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