Additional Presentations

Doris Droplet

Our Doris Droplet presentation focuses on local water resources, water conservation, and the incredible journey water takes through the water cycle. Includes a hands-on water cycle activity.  

Length: 30 minutes 

Grade Level: 1st - 3rd 

NGSS: ESS2 Earth’s Systems DCI Arrangements 

The Incredible Journey

This highly interactive hands-on activity from Project WET takes students on a journey through the water cycle Students will create a water cycle bracelet that tracks the unique journey they each took. 

Length: 45 minutes

Grade Level: 1st - 3rd 

NGSS: ESS2: Earth’s Systems DCI Arrangements 

Recycling Wastewater

Learn how wastewater is recycled and used again in our community, a process that helps us improve our conservation efforts in the Coachella Valley.

Length: 45 minutes

Grade Level: Middle and High School 



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