Sewer Pipeline Rehabilitation Project

CVWD will begin work on the Sewer Pipeline Rehabilitation Project in the Tri-Palm Estates & Country Club Community on Monday, January 16. 

Thousand Palms Pipeline

Project Timeline:

  • Pipeline cleaning is completed.
  • Project timeline: January 23 through February 3 (approximately 10 days).
  • Pipeline work will resume 5/10/2023 to 5/19/2023.
  • Typical Work hours: 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.  

Impact to Customers

  • Contractor may need to turn off the water for up to 8 hours in one day. 
  • CVWD will notify residents 48 hours before turning off the water to their homes.
  • Work will be located behind customer properties. See the map above.

Look for postcards, notices, letters, or door hangers.  

Project Benefits

  • Remove root intrusion from the sewer pipe.
  • Rehabilitate existing clay sewer pipe.
  • Provide reliable sewer service 

Project Overview

  • Repair sewer pipeline using non-trenching methods of slip lining. 
  • Install approximately 1,995 linear feet of 6-inch and 207 linear feet of 8-inch Cured-In-Place Pipe.  
  • Work includes pre-lining video inspections, sewer bypass pumping, sewer cleaning, pipe liner installation, curing, and post-lining video inspection.


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