Colorado River Water

CVWD’s federal contracted supply of Colorado River water is 432,850 acre-feet for 2022. About 260,000 acre-feet of this is delivered to local farms in the Coachella Valley and the balance is delivered for environmental mitigation, groundwater replenishment, large landscape irrigation, and for use by other agencies. The Canal Water Use by Type is listed in the Colorado River Water Agricultural Water Conservation Plan.


Quantification Settlement Agreement

Agreement between CVWD and DWR for Amendment to Water Supply Contract

Usage Reports

Engineer’s Report on Water Supply and Replenishment Assessment (Fiscal Year 2019 through 2023) – This report discusses Colorado River Water as a replenishment source.

Conservation & Drought 

Here are several actions CVWD has taken to conserve Colorado River water:

  • CVWD invested heavily in its irrigation delivery system to minimize system losses through the use of pipes and metering properties served. This results in approximately 5% systems losses, which is low for industry standards. 
  • Over 60% of CVWD’s service area is using drip irrigation, which allows the average water application to be less than 3.8 acre-feet per acre.
  • Lining of a 49-mile section of the Coachella Canal saves 132,000 acre feet per year.
  • Lining of the remaining 35-mile section of Coachella Canal (in conjunction with San Diego County Water Authority and San Luis Rey Band of Indians), saves 26,000 acre feet per year (which is transferred to SDCWA).
  • CVWD’s Board approved the Colorado River Conservation Program, which is currently awaiting other agencies’ approvals before enrolling participants.

USBR Colorado River Basin Drought Contingency Plans

Colorado River Water Agricultural Water Conservation Plan (2021)

Colorado River Conservation Program

Canal Irrigation & Drainage System Rules and Regulations

 Article X11 – Canal Water Shortage Contingency Plan 3.10.480-3.10.490

Other Resources 

Bureau of Reclamation - Lower Colorado River Basin