CVWD Climate Action & Adaptation Plan

About the Climate Action & Adaptation Plan 

Coachella Valley Water District and Climate Change 

Coachella Valley Water District operations generate greenhouse gas emissions through energy use, wastewater treatment, and vehicle use. CVWD exercises direct control greenhouse gas generating activities. The District understands the responsibility and contribution it can make towards reduced local greenhouse gas emissions and how CVWD can help to address climate change in California.

Planning for Climate Change

A climate action plan is a long-range planning document that lays out an agency’s comprehensive approach to responding to climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions over time, and increasing the agency’s adaptive capacity. 

CVWD’s Climate Action & Adaptation Plan identifies greenhouse gas emission reduction measures based on State of California regulations and programs related to climate change. 

CVWD’s Climate Action & Adaptation Plan includes an inventory of existing, historic, and projected greenhouse gas emissions and a suite of measures to reduce emissions, increase climate resiliency, and meet the plan objectives. 

Climate Action Planning Goals 

  • To meet the water-related needs of the people through dedicated employees, providing high-quality water at a reasonable cost.
  • Develop a Climate Action & Adaptation Plan aligned with CVWD’s goals.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with water-related services over time.

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Climate Action Planning Process 

Drafting of CVWD’s Climate Action & Adaptation Plan is complete. 

  1. Initial steps began with collecting data on CVWD’s operations history to help develop a greenhouse gas inventory. 
  2. Using standardized techniques and analysis, greenhouse gas emissions were projected through 2030 and 2045 based on expected population growth and water demands within CVWD’s service area in the Coachella Valley.  A business-as-usual model is forecasted as well as a targeted model based on State regulations and programs related to climate change.
  3. CVWD has identified a suite of GHG reduction measures based on the forecast, and contribute to carbon reduction efforts based on State regulations, and long-term objectives in California.  

Greenhouse gas emission reduction measures consistent with CVWD’s mission statement that meet the carbon reduction efforts and resiliency goals will constitute the District’s plan for climate change and adaption. The District will implement selected actions identified in the Climate Action & Adaptation Plan, tracking and reporting progress through 2030.

The CVWD Board of Directors unanimously approved the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan on September 28, 2021.

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CVWD and Water Conservation

CVWD’s emphasis on sustainable water management provides the catalyst for developing its first Climate Action & Adaptation Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the District’s operations while adapting to climate change.

  • Read about CVWD’s current sustainability practices here.

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Read the 2021 Climate Action and Adaptation Plan here.