Cimmaron Well Drilling

Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) has awarded a construction contract with Desert Concepts Construction, Inc., to construct a new domestic water well in your area, at the intersection of Calle Amigos and Landau Boulevard. 

This construction project is part of CVWD’s continuing Capital Improvement Program and will provide a more robust domestic water system.  It is not anticipated that domestic water service will be interrupted to your home during this project. CVWD will notify residents in advance of any service interruption and will make every effort to reestablish normal service in a timely manner.

The construction involves drilling a new well and construction of the above-ground pumping plant and equipment. 

Construction activities are scheduled to begin in January 2021. Crews will initially move equipment to the site during daylight hours. Drilling is anticipated to begin in January and CVWD’s contractor, Desert Concepts Construction, Inc., will attempt to minimize the noise and inconvenience to you as much as possible.  

The drilling will occur 24 hours a day for approximately six to ten days. We will then be drilling again in February, for approximately eight to twelve days. It is possible that homes close to the site will feel vibrations during the drilling.

Once the well drilling is completed, crews will continue to work on the site to equip the well and construct the pumping plant. The level of construction activity will vary depending on the tasks.

Map of Project Area