Public Notices

Notice of Ordinance No 14371 Canal Water Rates June 3, 2022

Notice of Proposed Ordinance 139916 June 3, 2022

Unclaimed Funds Public Notice March 2022

Unclaimed Monies Public Notice

Notice of Public Hearing Redistricting - Tuesday, January 25, 2022

NOI-USDA Application:  Booster Stations/Ave. 66 Phase 2/St. Anthony Water Consolidation (July 2021)

Notice - Revisions to Special Charges for Miscellaneous Services: July 27, 2021

East Side Dike Improvement

Summary for Proposed Ordinance - 1427.2

Certified copy of Ordinance No. 1441

Appropriation/GANN Limits

Voters approved Proposition 4 in November of 1979, an initiative that added Article XIII B to the California Constitution. This constitutional amendment, also known as the Gann initiative, placed limits on the growth of expenditures for publicly funded programs. 

Division 9 of Title 1, beginning with Section 7900 of the Government Code, was then added to laws to establish the process for calculating state and local government appropriations limits and appropriations subject to limitation under Article XIII B of the California Constitution.  

These constitutional and statutory sections explain and define the appropriations limit and appropriations subject to limitation as they apply to state and local government and require that each entity of government formally "adopt" its appropriations limit for a given fiscal year.

Appropriations Limit for FY 2022-23 was adopted by Resolution at a regular meeting of the Coachella Valley Water District Board of Directors on Tuesday, July 26, 2022. 

The FY 23-24 Appropriation / GANN Limits  will be discussed at the June 13, 2023 Board Meeting.