Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide an organization, what it does and why. Coachella Valley Water District began strategic planning in 2014. Since that time, the District has accomplished a significant number of initiatives developed through the process. 

CVWD developed goals within the framework of Effective Utility Management (EUM), which was developed by the major water and wastewater organizations in the United States. Effective utility management helps water and wastewater utilities select priorities for improvement, based on the unique needs of their communities. The framework addresses operations, infrastructure, customer satisfaction, community welfare, natural resource stewardship, and financial performance. 

The District has been recognized by the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies for this work - in 2019, CVWD was awarded the Platinum Award for Utility Excellence.  The award criteria are based on the Ten Attributes of Effective Utility Management and the Keys to Management Success. Applicants are expected to show progress in implementing the attributes and keys, as well as a distinctive level of management expertise and expanded utility achievement. CVWD's application for the Platinum Award is available here. CVWD was also awarded the Gold Award in 2016. The application for the Gold Award is available here. 

CVWD Mission Statement:

To meet the water-related needs of the people through dedicated employees, providing high quality water at a reasonable cost.

CVWD Strategic Plans

Please note, CVWD took a hiatus from Strategic Planning in 2019 and began the effort again in 2020.  The new plan is in progress.