Excavator DiggingCoachella Valley Water District is embarking on a water mainline replacement project in the Talavera community. Corrosive soil in the area is causing damage to the water pipelines. In an effort to avoid emergency leaks, CVWD has elected to replace the failing pipeline.  By doing so, we expect that we can protect against leaks, which waste water, avoid emergency outages or emergency construction, and ensure that the water infrastructure is reliable for the residents of the community.  

The project will begin with Phase 2 (please see map below).  CVWD expects that preliminary construction work outside of the community will begin in late November and December. We anticipate work within the community to begin in early 2019.  Phase 2 is expected to take about eight months to complete.

The documents below provide additional technical information on the project.  Additional documents will be added as they are produced and/or approved.

For questions regarding this project, please contact Director of Communications and Conservation Katie Evans.

Project Update:

Genova Venecia Tract Map 5/31/2019

Talavera Water Pipeline Replacement Update 2

Useful documents:

Memorandum of Understanding
CVWD Board of Directors Action Item
Talavera Phases Map