Meter Removal or Reduction Agreement

I have multiple meters and I want to reduce them.  Is that possible?
Yes.  We can remove your meters for you as long as you can demonstrate to CVWD that you meet the minimum fire flow requirements needed for the particular property requested and/or you submit landscape plans showing a reduction in landscaped area and reduced flow requirements.

What do you mean by landscape plans?
When your meters were originally purchased, they were sized appropriately to supply adequate water pressure for your landscape. If you have reduced the landscaped area, you may be able to reduce the size meter necessary for demand. Please see our CVWD's landscape ordinance (PDF) which is written to improve outdoor water efficiency and reduce the demand for water. The Pre-Submittal Checklist (PDF) has a detailed description of what is required in the landscape plans.

What if my meters are hydraulically looped?
You must provide plans which include ALL meters that will be affected by any changes made to the system.

How will this affect my budget?
If you have removed irrigated areas and therefore wish to remove the meter that serves that area, the square footage of that area will be removed from your irrigated area in which your budget is calculated.  If, however, you are reducing meters because of reduced flow, your budget will be unaffected.

How much will it cost to have my meter removed?
The rate to remove the meter is $105. The rate to remove a backflow device is $350. If you are resizing the meter, you will also pay the current rate for the cost of a new meter and appurtenances.  Customers will be required to pay for all costs associated with the meter removal including the abandonment of the CVWD service line if needed. See our current rates and fees for more details.

My meter serves both landscape and commercial.  I want to classify it as commercial.
CVWD's landscape ordinance requires that landscaping be served off a separate landscape meter.  If the meters are not separated, changing the classification of the meter could increase your costs significantly because commercial meters are charged for sewer based on domestic water consumption.  If you change your meter to commercial then use it for landscaping, you will increase your sewer rates by a significant amount.  We recommend you discuss this with our Development Services Department, which can be reached by calling (760) 398-2661.

Does CVWD do all of the work to reduce my meter/backflow size?
CVWD will do the work to resize the meter and/or backflow. The customer is responsible to make any changes necessary to the plumbing after the meter to accommodate the new meter/backflow size reduction.

What if my investigation reveals that I need to keep my current meters?
The purpose for this policy is to assist property owners in making informed decisions about their properties.  You can simply withdraw your request if the fire flow requirements or landscape needs reveal that your property continues to need the number and sized meters that you currently have.

Meter Removal or Reduction Agreement