What is the reason for the latest increase?

CVWD strives to control costs and make prudent investments to provide the highest level of service and value to our customers. To do so, CVWD maintains a long-range financial plan that is updated on a regular basis to capture all of its costs, identify opportunities for reducing cost increases, and ensure that sufficient revenues are available to provide groundwater replenishment services. The goal is to develop rates that treat customers fairly, reflect the proportional costs of service, and maintain financial stability.

RAC increases reflect rising costs to CVWD of replenishing the aquifer with imported water supplies, including imported water costs and operational and maintenance costs for groundwater replenishment facilities. RAC increases also cover the costs of capital investments for infrastructure that are necessary to replenish the basin and implement source substitution programs that reduce groundwater pumping. In the West Whitewater River Subbasin AOB, this includes the construction of Phase 2 of the Palm Desert Groundwater Replenishment Facility that will allow CVWD to increase the use of Canal water for replenishment. In the East Whitewater River Subbasin AOB, this includes source substitution through a direct connection to the Mid Valley Pipeline and the Oasis In-Lieu Project.

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1. What is the purpose of the RAC?
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6. What is the reason for the latest increase?