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Sep 14

North Indio projects will end flood insurance mandate

Posted on September 14, 2021 at 1:41 PM by Diane Carmony

Residents in two areas of the Coachella Valley will no longer need to carry flood insurance when two construction projects approved Sept. 14 by the CVWD Board of Directors are completed.

Totaling nearly $113 million, the projects will remove 2,700 acres in North Indio and the East Side Dike that abuts Talavera from FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area designations. That will end the statutory requirement for residents in the areas to carry flood insurance.

The larger of the two projects at $110.2 million, the North Indio Regional Flood Control Project Phase 2, will take stormwater from Sun City Palm Desert channels through North Indio to channels in Sun City Shadow Hills, then to the Coachella Valley Stormwater Channel.

“This may be the largest project the board has approved,” said President John Powell.

An $88.8 million construction contract was awarded to Sukut Construction. Other costs include engineering services, soils and concrete testing, moving existing gas, communication and electric utilities, and relocating Sun City Palm Desert facilities and landscape.  

The second project calls for adding 3,400 feet of concrete slope protection and 1,150 feet of fill to the top of a section of the East Side Dike. Bosco Constructors won the East Side Dike Improvement Project Phase 1 construction contract for $2.3 million. Total project cost is $2.9 million. Grant programs will reimburse 75 percent of the cost.   

The Board also:

  • Approved $107,709 to buy and install 40 stop logs for the Reservoir 1 control structure in the Oasis In-lieu Recharge Project Phase II. Stop logs help control water flow and adjust reservoir depth. The $50 million project will bring annually an estimated 32,000 acre-feet of canal water to customers who now pump groundwater.  
  • Voted to support G. Patrick O’Dowd for vice president of the Association of California Water Agencies for the 2021-2022 term.  O’Dowd resigned from the District’s board in November 2020 after serving six years to take a post as general manager and executive director of the Salton Sea Authority.
  • Learned 17 of 19 projects in the fiscal year 2021 Strategic Plan are substantially complete.
  • Approved purchase of five vehicles and equipment including four 2022 Ford F550 4 x 4 utility beds with cranes and one 21-foot Rome Disk for total of $545,601. Seven fleet vehicles will be sold at public auction.
  • Authorized the purchase of directors and officers liability insurance coverage up to $619,500.  


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