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Mar 31

March construction update: New reservoir is underway

Posted on March 31, 2021 at 3:17 PM by Diane Carmony

Here is some interesting background about Reservoir #4605-2: 

  1. Where is the reservoir located and why?  On Vista Chino, approximately ½ mile east of Rio Del Sol in Thousand Palms.  Location was chosen based upon a base elevation of 435’.
  2. What area does this reservoir serve?  The Sky Mountain Production Zone – Areas of Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert and Thousand Palms.  (Approx. 47,000 customers)
  3. Reservoir facts
    1. How many total  64 Domestic Water Reservoirs
    2. How many are steel  60
    3. How many are concrete  4
    4. Smallest  10,000 gal
    5.  Largest  12,000,000 gal
  4. Cost  $9,600,000 (Construction Contract)
  5. Schedule:  2 years
  6. Need:  Sky Mountain Production Zone is currently deficient in storage about 14MG (AKEL Analysis – June, 2017).  Support existing and future domestic demands within the Sky Mountain Production Zone. This additional water storage tank will decrease well run times and allow CVWD to take advantage of SCE’s discounted electrical rates.
  7. Capacity  10MG
  8. Benefits/drawbacks of concrete reservoir:
    1. Benefits:  Seismic resistance, minimal maintenance
    2. Drawback:  Cost – depending on size, almost twice the cost of steel.  
  9. How built  15’ buried, pre-stressed 100% concrete
    1. Stages  Grading, floor, walls, roof, wrap, shotcrete
  10. Dimensions
    1. Height  41’  (32’ max water level)
    2. Diameter  238’
    3. Wall thickness  Tapered -12” on top to 18” on bottom (16 walls)
  11. Award won  R4605-1 won the 2019 APWA Project of Merit


Columns:  88 columns, 24” dia.

Pre-stressing:  508 total wraps around tank with 3/8” cable @ 15,000 lbs. of tension. (71.7 miles of cable)

Concrete:  5,000 cu. yds. total

Grading:  40,000 cu. yds. of soil will be disturbed

Color:  Will be added to final layer of shotcrete (color:  Thyme)

Design Consultant:  Krieger & Stewart, Inc.

Contractor:  Pacific Hydrotech Corporation

In addition: 

There were no service disruptions or road closures involved in this project. 


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