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Feb 26

CVWD construction update: Stormwater project nears completion

Posted on February 26, 2021 at 11:09 AM by Diane Carmony

The Coachella Valley Stormwater Channel (CVSC) Avenue 62 to Avenue 64 Bank Protection and Fillmore Ditch Outfall Improvement Project

The overall construction of the improvements to the CVSC bank slope protection (adjacent to Wastewater Reclamation Plant No. 4 (WRP 4)) and the Fillmore Ditch outfall is 95% complete.  The project consists of the construction of about 5400 linear feet concrete slope protection and a 10-cell reinforced concrete boxes for outfall from the existing Fillmore Ditch into the CVSC. This project when completed will provide regional flood protection along with the associated lateral scour to the WRP 4 Facility site during the 100-year storm event. 

Traffic interruptions: None
Water shutoffs: None

Well 4529

A CVWD contractor is drilling a domestic water well in property adjacent to Cimarron Cove on Landau Boulevard, Cathedral City. Initially drilling is expected to be done by March 1. Plans call for a second phase of drilling in  April when construction will start on an aboveground pumping plant and equipment.

Traffic interruptions: None
Water shutoffs: None


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