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Feb 25

Water-related science project receives award

Posted on February 25, 2020 at 4:01 PM by Jesse Ruiz

Each year CVWD judges water-related science fair projects from around the valley. The goal is to find projects that follow the scientific process, are done by the student with minimal help from parents, and show a good understanding of the subject. This year one of the Excellence in Water Science Awards went to:

April Quintero Leon

Cahuilla Desert Academy, Coachella

8th grade

Teacher: Tim Sharpe

Project: “Water Filtering”

April hypothesized that store-bought water filter would work better than a homemade water filter. She tested the Ph. level of water dripped through both kinds of filters. She found that the homemade filter with layers of small rocks, gravel, sand, activated charcoal, sand and cotton balls was more effective than the store-bought filter.

April Quintero Leon


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