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Oct 15

Welcome to the new blog for CVWD!

Posted on October 15, 2019 at 2:38 PM by Diane Carmony

You may have heard or seen our message: Your water is our promise.

In terms of communication, that promise is about transparency. We are committed to reaching out to our customers through a variety of means -- from traditional press releases to participation at community events to social media platforms. Through all these approaches, the mission is the same, to share with our customers our commitment to providing water-related services to our communities.

Today we launch a new way to communicate these important messages, one that focuses on story telling. Through our new blog, we will introduce you to all our areas of service, to the employees dedicated to this work and to our latest projects and initiatives. We hope you will follow this blog and ask questions so we know what you would like to know more about.

Your water is our promise. We look forward to telling you the stories behind that promise.

-- Katie Evans, Director of Communications and Conservation



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